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Silvius Leopold Weiss

b. Breslau, ?12 October 1687; d. Dresden, 16 October 1750

German lutenist/composer; wrote numerous works for lute (solo and ensemble pieces).

More music survives from him than from any other lutenist in history.

Two major sources of his works are:

D-Dl, Ms. Mus. 2841-V-1 [Weiss Dresden Manuscript] facsimile

RISM B VII, p. 92-93 - SMT II, p. 104-113

GB-LblMs. Add. 30387 [Weiss London Manuscript]

RISM B VII, p. 179

Other major sources of his music are contained in A-Wn, B-Bc, F-PnGB-HAdolmetsch, PL-WRu, PL-Wu, RUS-Mcm, and many other libraries. 

See the website devoted to him for a full listing of works.