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Philip Rosseter

b. 1567/8; d. London, 5 May 1623

English composer.

Wrote the following book of lute songs, and a book of consort pieces:

Rosseter, Philip and Campion, Thomas. A BOOKE OF AYRES [...]. London: Peter Short 1601.

Rosseter, Philip. Lessons for consort [...] set to sixe severall instruments: namely, the treble lute, treble violl, base violl, bandora, citterne, and the flute. London: Thomas Este, alias Snodham 1609.

Several lute solos survive in prints and manuscripts. A modern edition has been made by The Lute Society:

The Complete Lute Solos of Philip Rosseter. ed. Robert Spencer, Stewart McCoy and John Robinson. The Lute Society Editions.