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Thomas Morley

b. Norwich, 1557/58; d. London, October 1602

English composer.

Wrote the following works involving lute:

Morley, Thomas. CANZONETS OR LITTLE SHORT AERS TO FIVE AND SIXE VOICES. [...]. Peter Short: London 1597. (Brown 159710)

Morley, Thomas. THE FIRST BOOKE OF CONsort Lessons, made by divers exquisite Authors, for six instruments to play together, the Treble Lute, the Pandora, the Cittern, the Base-Violl, the Flute & the Treble-Violl. [...]. William Barley: London 1599. (Brown 15998)

Morley, Thomas. THE FIRST BOOKE OF AYRES or LITTLE SHORT SONGS [...]. London: William Barley 1600.

A Pavin for solo lute appears in:

Dowland, Robert. VARIETIE OF LVTE-lessons [...]. London: Thomas Adams 1610.