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John Lawrence [Laurence]


English lutenist/composer.

Pieces survive in transitional tunings the following manuscripts:

GB-Lam, Ms. 603 (Board Lute Book
RISM B VII, p. 366 [GB-WGspencer Ms. without shelf number (II)] - Schulze-Kurz, Stimmungen, 1990, p. 326-329

GB-LblMs. Egerton 2046 (Jane Pickering Lute Book)
RISM B VII, p. 187 - Schulze-Kurz, Stimmungen, 1990, p. 387-389

See the complete edition of his works:

Robinson, John H. "Complete lute music ascribed to Thomas Dallis, Edward Herbert and John Lawrence plus a selection from the lute books of John Wilson, Christopher Lowther, and Trinity College MS O.16.2." Lute News 83 (September 2007) [music suppl./Lute Society Tablature Sheet A25]