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Robert Kindersley

d. 9 March 1634

English composer.

Contributed two pieces in:

Leighton, Sir William. THE TEARES OR LAMENTACIONS of a Sorrowfull Soule [...]. London: Ralph Blower 1613. [reprinted by William Stansby in 1614]

4 pieces for solo lute survive (1 almain and 3 galiards), from:

GB-CuMs. Dd.5.78.3

RISM B VII, p. 75


GB-Lbl, Ms. Add. 38539 (The ML Lute Book/John Sturt Lute Book)

RISM B VII, p. 185-186 - Kapeller, Untersuchungen, 1988 - Schulze-Kurz, Stimmungen, 1990, p. 382

See the modern edition of his pieces:

Robinson, John H. "The Complete Lute Solos of Robert Kindersley, Robert Taylor and Thomas Greaves."  Lute News 41 (March 1997) [music suppl.; Lute Society Tablature Sheet A6]