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Tobias Kühn

b. c.1565; d. ?after 1614

German lutenist/composer.

His pieces for lute appear the following anthologies:

Rude, Johann. FLORES MUSICAE [...]. Heidelberg: Voegelin 1600.

Fuhrmann, Georg. Testudo Gallo-Germanica [...]. Nuremberg: ?n.p. 1615.  

and in the following manuscripts:

D-DlMs. Mus. 1-V-8 (olim Ms. Mus. B. 1030)  [Joachim von Loss lute book; lost]

RISM B VII, p. 87-88 - SMT II, p. 99-104

D-LEmMs. II.6.15 [the Długoraj lute book]

RISM B VII, p. 164-165 - SMT II, p. 159-175