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Tobias Hume

b. ?c.1569; d. London, 16 April 1645

English composer/viol player.

Wrote the following volumes, both of which include lute tablature:

Hume, Tobias. The first part of ayres, French, Polish and others together, some in tabliture, and some in pricke-song: with pavines, galliards, and almaines for the viole de gambo alone, and other musicall conceites for two base viols [...] and for two leero viols [...] and some songes to bee sung to the viole, with the lute [...] also an invention for two to play upon one viole. London: John Windet 1605.

Hume, Tobias. Captain Humes Poeticall Musicke, principally made for two basse-viols, yet so contrived, that it may be plaied 8. several waies upon sundry instruments. London: John Windet 1607.