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Anthony Holborne

b. c?1545; d. ?29 November - 1 December 1602

English composer.

Wrote the following book of cittern tablature:

Holborne, AntonyTHE CITTHARN SCHOOLE BY ANTONY HOLBORNE [...]. Peter Short: London 1597. (Brown 15976facsimile

There are also many pieces for solo lute (and bandora), most of which exist in English manuscripts; it is not certain if Holborne played the lute himself however.

See the two modern editions of the surviving solo lute and bandora works:

The Complete Works of Anthony Holborne: I - Music for Lute & Bandora / II - Music for Cittern. ed. Masakata Kanazawa Harvard University Press (Harvard music publications, Cambridge, MA 1967/73).

Anthony Holborne, Music for Lute and Bandora Vols. I-II. ed. Rainer aus dem Spring (Lute Society Editions, 2009/12).