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John Dowland

b. 1563; bur. London, 20 February 1626

English lutenist/composer.

Produced the following volumes:

THE FIRST BOOKE of songs or Ayres of fowre partes with Tableture for the Lute: so made that all the partes together, or either of them severally may be song to the Lute, Orpherian or Viol de gambo. [...]. Peter Short: London 1597. (Brown 15974facsimile

THE SECOND BOOKE of Songs or Ayres [...]. London: Thomas Este 1600.

THE THIRD AND LAST BOOKE OF SONGS OR AIRES [...]. London: Peter Short 1603.

Dowland, John. LACHRIMÆ, OR SEAVEN TEARES [...]. London: John Windet 1604.

Ornithoparchus, Andreas. Andreas Ornithoparcus his Micrologus or Introduction [translated by John Dowland]. London: Thomas Adams 1609. [no tablature]

A Pilgrimes Solace [...]. London: Matthew Lownes, John Brown, & Thomas Snodham 1612.

Works/writings also exist in:

Dowland, Robert. A MVSICALL BANQVET [...]. London: Thomas Adams 1610

Dowland, Robert. VARIETIE OF LVTE-lessons [...]. London: Thomas Adams 1610.

Solo lute works [c.90 pieces] exist in many English and continental manuscripts, and English and continental prints from 1596 onwards.

An edition of his lute works has been made by Diana Poulton (The collected lute music of John Dowland. 1974), as well as a biography (John Dowland. University of California Press, 1982)