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Thomas Campion

b. 12 February 1567; d. 1 March 1620

English composer/poet.

Involved with the following lute song books:

Rosseter, Philip, and Thomas Campion. A BOOKE OF AYRES [...]. London: Peter Short 1601.

Campion, Thomas. TWO BOOKES OF AYRES [...]. London: Thomas Snodham 1613.

Coprario, John [text by Thomas Campion]. Songs of Mourning: BEWAILING the vntimely death of Prince Henry [...]. London: John Browne 1613.     

Campion, Thomas. THE THIRD AND FOVRTH BOOKE OF AYRES [...]. London: Thomas Snodham 1617.

Mason, George, and John Earsden [text by ?Thomas Campion]. THE AYRES THAT WERE SVNG AND PLAYED at Brougham Castle [...]. London: Thomas Snodham 1618.

And the following treatises:

The description of a masque: presented in the Banqueting roome at Whitehall. London: E Allde 1614.

A New Way of Making Fowre Parts in Counterpoint By a Most Familiar and Infallible Rule [...]. London: ? 1615.