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Johann Sebastian Bach

b. Eisenach, 21 March 1685; d. Leipzig, 28 July 1750

German composer.

Wrote the following works for the lute or lautenwerk:

BWV 995 Pièces pour la Luth à Monsieur Schouster, Suite in g minor. c.1730 [arrangement of BWV 1011]. facsimile ; also exists in a tablature version, probably made by Adam Falckenhagen.

BWV 996 aufs Lauten Werk, Suite in e minor, after 1712

BWV 997, Suite in c minor, c.1740; also exists in a tablature version arranged by J.C. Weyrauch.

BWV 998 Prelude pour la luth ò Cémbal, Prelude, Fugue, and Allego in Eb major, c.1740-45. facsimile

BWV 999 Prelude in c minor c.1720

BWV 1000 Suite in g minor, after 1720 [arrangement of the fugue from BWV 1001]; also exists in a tablature version arranged by J.C. Weyrauch

BWV 1006a Partita in E major, c.1736-7 [arrangement of the solo violin partita BWV 1006]

Bach also adapted a lute sonata by S.L. Weiss into his own piece for violin and harpsichord:

BWV 1025, Suite in A major, violin + harpsichord.