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Richard Allison

b. ?1560-70; d. before 1614.

English composer.

Composed one song book which includes tablature for the lute, bandora, and cittern:

Allison, Richard. THE PSALMES OF David in Meter [...]. William Barley: London 1599. (Brown 15991

Also left various lute solos (mostly for 6c) and cittern solos which exist in manuscripts (an edition of these has been done by John H. Robinson and Robert Spencer, The Lute Society Editions), and consort music (which includes lute, bandora, and cittern) contained in these published volumes:

Morley, Thomas. THE FIRST BOOKE OF CONsort Lessons, made by divers exquisite Authors, for six instruments to play together, the Treble Lute, the Pandora, the Cittern, the Base-Violl, the Flute & the Treble-Violl. [...]. William Barley:   London 1599. (Brown 15998)

Rosseter, Philip. Lessons for consort .. set to sixe severall instruments: namely, the treble lute, treble violl, base violl, bandora, citterne, and the flute. London: Thomas Este, alias Snodham 1609.

Further consort music exists in the Walsingham consort books.